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Can you make a Starbucks quality latté at home?

Who doesn’t like to sip in a delicious cup of latte at one of the most popular cafe chain in the world? Starbucks is said to offer not only latte, but many different drinks. They provide you with an unmatched quality and taste of different beverages. But one may not be able to visit Starbucks cafe as it is quite expensive or also when you don’t have enough time to make a visit. There are various espresso machines that can help you in making a similar kind of latte at home. To help you with your latte cravings, we bring you five quick steps that will enable you to make Starbucks quality latte at home.

Making Starbucks-Quality Latte using Espresso Machine

Making Starbucks-Quality Latte using Espresso Machine

Below is a step by step procedure of making a lip smacking cup of the Starbucks quality latte right at your home:

Step 1 – Buy quality coffee beans and grind it

The first step in making Starbucks quality latte at home is to buy some high quality coffee beans and grind them in an espresso grinder. To do this, you can choose from among the best espresso machines available in the market. The grinded coffee should be as fine as table salt. To achieve the same Starbucks quality and taste, buy the signature Espresso roast from grocery store or any Starbucks cafe. Incase, you cannot find the signature espresso roast then make sure that the roast you use should be very finely grounded. This roundup of single serve coffee machines will help you to choose the best espresso at your home.

Step 2 – Add coffee to portafilter

Next step is to pour your coffee into a portafilter. Now add 2 tablespoons of grounded coffee to prepare one single shot of Starbucks. To make double shots, you need to add 4 tablespoons of grounds and for the triple shot, add 6 tablespoons of grounded coffee.

Step 3 – Use a tamper to tap your grounds

The purpose of this step is to exert force on grounds so that the water doesn’t pass out, forcing it to mix with water. To do so, you need to apply downward pressure to the grounds using a tamper. Use 30 pound of tamper for snug fitting of basket. You need to do it right if you want to make a delicious latte. Check out Book Store article.

Step 4 – Add the water and set ideal temperature

Now add the filtered water in the water reservoir of the espresso machine and set the temperature for boiling water. The ideal temperature is between 195 and 205 degree Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the coffee gets extracted properly and you will get a rich taste along with a fine aroma. Keurig is most trusted brand when it comes to home espresso machines.

Step 5 – Start the brewing process

Final step in making the Starbucks quality latte at home is to start the brewing process. This process will last up to 30 seconds. Your coffee is now ready with the top layer filled with Crema, middle with dark brown and the bottom layer with even darker brown.

Note – Portafilter is a handheld tool with a basket for holding grounds. Also, avoid using pre-ground coffee or coffee beans that is grounded for a longer duration as it will not provide you with the same taste and quality that Starbuck’s latte has to offer you.

The Last Words

Now you don’t have to visit Starbucks for its delicious latte, you can simply make it at home. With the help of these simple steps you can easily make same quality and taste of Starbucks latte at home. It will also save your hard earned money and making it is very convenient too.


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