About Us

In 1980, Mac and Avis McCutchan moved with their two young daughters to the Goose Creek area of Floyd County.  He was originally from Texas and she was from Maryland.  The two met in college and found themselves in Southwest Virginia to attend Virginia Tech.  After school, Floyd County beckoned with its quiet, rural, inexpensive (ha!) land.  Twenty years and three more daughters later, with her children grown, Avis found herself wondering what to do with the next part of her life.  She had often thought it would be fun to try a retail venture so when the opportunity presented itself in 2002, she went for it.

Her adventurous spirit has paid off.  Giving the members of her family the opportunity to be a part of this challenging business endeavor has proven to be rewarding for each of them in different ways and has also kept the family close.  An additional and unexpected reward has been the pleasure of redefining  the concept of family to include our community and friends who support us our regular customers; other small business owners in the county; and new friends who become good friends.

Read more in this beautifully written article by local author, Colleen Redman, about noteBooks, the Loft and the family, written in 2009.