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Red Rooster Coffee Roaster

Red Rooster Coffee Roaster is southwest Virginia’s premier coffee roaster. Red Rooster features the highest quality Organic and Fair Trade coffee from around the world. We also roast unique and rare microlot coffee, Cup of Excellence winners, and sustainably grown Estate coffees.

The freshness and incredible flavor of Red Rooster coffee is unparalleled – taste for yourself upstairs at the Black Water Loft. Then visit our retail store at the back of the building to purchase our certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee.

We also carry several different lines of brewing methods such as the classic Bodum French Press, the glass Chemex, the famous Clever, and the new Aeropress. Our store offers a selection of hand-grinders and electric grinders to ensure freshness and ultimate flavor and aroma.

Plus, our sturdy handmade Red Rooster mugs, locally made by Hona Knudsen about that make Make Coffee Without a Coffeemaker, have become favorites in households all across the East Coast.

Red Rooster Coffee Roaster is dedicated to sustainability which is why all of our coffees are certified Organic, Fair Trade, or responsibly sourced from small farms using ethical farming practices and paying a living wage. All of our bags are printed locally by local screenprinter, Jeff Kimball, using eco-friendly water-based inks. All of our wholesale bulk bags are biodegradable, and all of our chaffe is given to local organic farmers for compost.…

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Organic Coffee

Learn why organic coffee is better for you and the environment

Organic coffee, organic fruits, and organic everything is the modern trend for health. We’re told that if we eat more organic products and drink more organic coffee that we’re keeping ourselves free of chemicals and adding a healthy habit to our diet. But organic coffee does more than that.

A little selfish

While it’s true that organic coffee is not processed with any chemicals, what does that mean for you?The term organic relies on constant supervision of the coffee growing and manufacturing process. There should be no fertilizers or pollutants involved in the organic coffee process.

And it has been shown that most of our body’s toxins are from things that we ingest, rather than our surrounding environment.Perhaps organic coffee is just another way to cut down on this.

Coffee is good for you

Another part of organic coffee that you may not have realized is that since it is processed less, it retains more of its antioxidants.Antioxidants may help your body fight off cancers and illness.

Helping everyone out

The organic coffee industry is small because it does take a large investment to grow coffee in a natural way. When you’re not using fertilizers and growth aids, you get smaller crops and make less money from them.But also, organic coffee creates an environment that is safe for everyone that lives around it — because there aren’t harmful chemicals being released.

Many organic coffee farmers also realize that in order to maintain a business, they need to create conditions that allow growth. To do this, they try to cultivate the land and keep nutrients in the soil, rather than moving their crop when the nutrients are depleted.They find natural ways to nourish the soil for organic coffee.

Others have kept all of the trees on the land in order to allow rare birds to continue to live in their natural environment. You may have heard of these kinds of organic coffee as shade-grown.

The choices in organic coffee are endless as the reasons why you should be drinking it.

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Coffee, Espresso and You: How to Make the Most of Your Coffee

What is the big deal with espresso? What kind of coffee machine do you need? Are you making coffee or espresso correctly for your friends and family? What kind of accessories will help you most — and which ones are just a waste of money?And these are just a few of the questions that we’ll be answering here.

Why should you listen to us?

Because we’re real baristas that have worked in the field of coffee and espresso and have used espresso machines and learned all of the secrets to making your favorite coffee house drinks right in your own home. We’ve been to the World Coffee Convention and seen the latest innovations. We’ve tasted hundreds of coffees and made thousands of espresso drinks.We know what you need to know about espresso and coffee.

But what else will you find here?

You’ll learn about organic coffee as well as the expensive kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain varietals. If you’ve ever wanted to sleep in, then you can learn how to make a latte or cappuccino in your pajamas. And save yourself money too.From the beginning of the coffee bean to the first sip of the day, espresso and coffee questions are answered here.…

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Book Store

Your local source for bestsellers, literature, rare finds, and childrens books, note Books is located on the first floor of the building.

note Books also has plenty of

  • art supplies
  • music supplies
  • greeting cards
  • used books, DVDs, CD s and vinyl
  • books and literary magazines by local authors and presses
  • gifts for children and adults
  • souvenirs

The local bookstore culture is still alive in Floyd – note Books even features books written by local authors and literary journals developed by local editors.

Your Saturday afternoon won’t be complete without a visit to the Farmers Market, a cup of coffee upstairs at the Black Water Loft, and a few minutes perusing the shelves at note Books.note Books hosts a monthly book club meeting.  Check out our calendar page for upcoming meetings and titles!…

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The second story of our historic building houses The Black Water Loft. A cozy and inviting coffee house, the Loft offers a full espresso menu with many Espresso style coffee drinks created by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. The Loft also features Old Crow Espresso – a seasonal espresso project developed by manager Rose McCutchan and Red Rooster Coffee Roaster – as well as drip coffees and single cup pour-overs from Red Rooster’s Organic & Fair Trade offerings.

If youre not in the mood for coffee we also offer all-fruit smoothies as per the coffee for different moods , hot chocolates, italian sodas, cream slushies, a selection of organic teas and locally brewed kombucha from Buffalo Mountain Kombucha.

Come for the coffee and stay for the fresh, homemade baked goods.

The bakery at Black Water Loft offers sweet and savory treats created by Theda Anderson and baked fresh every day. Choices include muffins, scones, cookies, bars, sweet rolls and more, including gluten-free and vegan options. We also have bagels from Roanoke Bagel Company .

Our newly renovated space is perfect for relaxing with friends, plugging in a laptop for a little work, or a casual business meeting out of the office. Sit at the bar to meet new friends or catch up with the barista who is always ready to chat about coffee or goings on around town.

The Black Water Loft is the coffee shop that every small town needs. We’re very proud of our delicious specialty coffee, baked goods, professional service, and friendly atmosphere. We hope to see you soon.

See photos from our 3rd Place finish at  Americas Best Coffeehouse Competition in Atlanta!…

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