Book Store

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Your local source for bestsellers, literature, rare finds, and childrens books, note Books is located on the first floor of the building.

note Books also has plenty of

  • art supplies
  • music supplies
  • greeting cards
  • used books, DVDs, CD s and vinyl
  • books and literary magazines by local authors and presses
  • gifts for children and adults
  • souvenirs

The local bookstore culture is still alive in Floyd – note Books even features books written by local authors and literary journals developed by local editors.

Your Saturday afternoon won’t be complete without a visit to the Farmers Market, a cup of coffee upstairs at the Black Water Loft, and a few minutes perusing the shelves at note Books.note Books hosts a monthly book club meeting.  Check out our calendar page for upcoming meetings and titles!

The K Cup Coffee Machine Breakthrough

There is a variety of different paths that you can prepare to your cup of the morning of joe, but the K Met in cut the Coffee pot is one of the best methods of the preparation of the brewing. Not only is this simple machine to use, it produces a big coffee of the tasting in moments. Constructs with the consumer in mind, the Coffee pot of the Cup of the K won’t let you disappointed.

Introduced in the European market there are on ten years, the Cup of the K proved its capacity to prepare a cup excellent of joe. With the introduction and invention of this brewer of the remarkable coffee, the recent improvements and improvements have been made to the Brewer of the Cup of the K, while making your purchase value well your money.

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For what is under way, the Brewer of the Cup of the K is perfected for those that have need quickly of one cup of coffee without the mess and bores the pot of the traditional brewer. You drink at a time maybe rather only a cup that a whole pot of coffee, the brewer of the Cup of the K is a big article to prepare your only cup of coffee. To use this clean efficient machine allows you to spend your time that makes of other things another one that to clean some reasons in mess and the decanters of coffee that a traditional coffee pot requires.

If that you worry about the cost that you will put outside for this machine, don’t worry anymore. The Coffee pot of the Cup of the K is now more accessible than ever. For just a small under $100, you can begin to prepare your own Coffee of the Cup of the K. there are hundreds of coffee to choose of and a large variety of local stores of the retail trade and on line stores to buy the Cup of the K of your choice.